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Welcome to Asbury! This document is designed to give you all the information you need to know about technology and your account here at Asbury. Please use the links below to navigate through the document and learn more about your email account, how to register for classes, how to order textbooks, and more!

Your Email and Username

Use your Asbury network account when logging into all campus computers, services, and sites, including your Asbury Email Account, Discovery, and Portal. Your default credentials (unless otherwise noted) for all Asbury services are as follows:

Default Username: firstname.lastname@asbury.edu

  • john.smith@asbury.edu - this is NOT case sensitive 
  • If you have a very long or hyphenated last name, please check with I.T. Services to verify your username

Default Password: first four letters of your last name + five digit zip code

  • smit4321 - all lowercase and NO spaces!
  • If your last name is less than four letters, your password will start filling with the first letters of your first name
    • Sarah Lee - slee6378 | Joseph Li - joli2837
  • If you do not have a US zip code, the default is five zeros

Once you've logged in for the first time, you will be asked to enroll your account in our multi-factor authentication system to help keep your account secure. For more information, please read our solution Enroll and Configure Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

How to Add Your Asbury Email to a Phone, Tablet, or Computer

All students are assigned an Asbury University email address that is identical to your Network Account login (firstname.lastname@asbury.edu). This email account is accessible on and off campus using office.asbury.edu from any web browser. You must use your full email address when logging in. Email is the official means of communication at Asbury. 

Your Asbury email account is an Outlook Exchange account and can be added to Microsoft Outlook on your computer, to your phone, or you can access your Office 365 account online. 

Read how to access your online webmail in our solution Basics of office.asbury.edu (O365)

Read how to add your Asbury email account to your smartphone or computer using these solutions:

Adding AU email to Your iPhone (iOS 7 to iOS 10)

Adding AU Email to Your iPhone (iOS 11 and Later)

Adding AU Email to your Android Devices (Android 7.0)
Adding your AU email to Microsoft Outlook on macOS

Adding your AU Email to Microsoft Outlook 2010 and 2016 on Windows

How to Reset Your Asbury Password

Password Requirements

  • Passwords must be twelve characters or more in length and have 3 of the following categories: Numbers, Uppercase Letters, Lowercase Letters, & Symbols.
  • You will be prompted to reset your Asbury password every twelve months. 
  • If you enter an incorrect password three times, your account will be automatically locked. To unlock your account you can do so through the Forgot Password link on the sign-in page or by calling the Service Desk.
  • Please remember, when you change your password, it will automatically be changed for Email, Discovery, and the Portal.

Resetting Your Password

You can reset your Asbury password or unlock your account at any time online. Before you can change your password or unlock your account, you need to enroll in the password reset service. This should automatically pop up when you first sign in and prompt you to set up security questions and add other verification methods. Please see the article below for more information on enrolling.

You will not be able to change your password (in the case of a forgotten password) if you have not already enrolled the password reset sevice. Please call the Service Desk at (859) 858-5177 to reset a forgotten password if you are not enrolled. Changing your password will change it for all Asbury sites including Discovery, you Student Portal, and Microsoft services.

Learn More: Enroll your Asbury Account for Password Reset

Learn More: How to Reset a Forgotten Password

Accessing Your Student Portal

Through your Student Portal you can register for classes, complete your financial registration, see your student bill, view your unofficial transcript, update your emergency contact and more. In addition, it displays your classification, advisor, major, and any minors you have declared. Please see the section on Registering for Classes for more information on class registration.

Learn More: Accessing Your Student Portal 

Registering for Classes

You can register for your in-person and online classes through your Student Portal. You will receive an email from the Registrar's office detailing your registration period. During this time, you can add and drop classes through your Student Portal.

Learn More: How to Register for Classes in Your Student Portal

Completing the Financial Aid Process

Federal aid may be available to eligible students taking five or more credit hours each semester. To receive financial aid determination at Asbury University, students must complete the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) for each academic year.

  • The FAFSA is available from October 1st and should be submitted as soon as possible for optimum consideration.
  • The Asbury University School Code is 001952
  • Visit the FAFSA Website here to apply: http://www.fafsa.ed.gov/

Graduate Aid Application

All Graduate students wishing to be considered for federal financial aid must complete a Graduate Aid Application annually. The GAA form will automatically be added as a checklist item in your application portal if you indicated that you will be using financial aid on your application. You can fill this out within your application portal, and it will automatically be submitted to the financial aid office for you. This form, along with the FAFSA, will enable us to determine your financial aid eligibility.

Note: If you did not indicate on your application that you plan on filing the FAFSA, please contact the financial aid office (financial.aid@asbury.edu).


Discovery is the learning service Asbury uses for online class management. Students taking online classes will find all of their course content, assignments, and syllabi on Discovery. Professors teaching in-person classes may also use Discovery to upload their syllabi and provide a place for online submission of assignments. As a student at Asbury, you will be required to frequently check Discovery to stay up-to-date on your classes. For more information, read our support article below.

Learn More: The Basics of Using Discovery.

All online courses as Asbury use Zoom for virtual class sessions. Please see the link below for more information on using Zoom for your classes.

Learn More: Asbury Live - Zoom for Students

You can also access your course through the Discovery Pulse app for iPhone and Android phones. Learn more about installing and using the Pulse app at the link below.

 Configuring the Discovery "Brightspace Pulse" App

Finding and Ordering Textbooks

Students may order their textbooks online through the Asbury University Student Bookstore or by using your Student Portal. When ordering textbooks online through either of these avenues, students may pay for textbooks using a Student Voucher. Selecting the Student Voucher payment method will place textbook charges on your student account at the University. This will allow you to pay for the textbooks at a later date or use loans/grants/scholarships to pay for the textbooks. Students may also pay for textbooks with a credit card. 

Note: Vouchers may only be used 3 weeks prior to classes starting, and two weeks after they begin. It is best to order all textbooks prior to the start of the semester.

If you wish, you may purchase your textbooks outside of Asbury University. Please note, when purchasing textbooks and materials outside of the institution, make sure that you are securing the correct required textbook editions and materials. The best ways to ensure that you are securing the correct textbooks and materials is to access textbook information through the Asbury University Online Bookstore at asburyu.ecampus.com and to use the book’s ISBN number when searching for a textbook online. 

Learn More: How to Find and Order Textbooks

Asbury Decision Letter
You can log in and view your Asbury Decision Letter at start.asbury.edu/status after you complete the application process. See the article below for more instructions.
Learn More: How to Access Your Asbury Decision Letter

Technology Requirements

Asbury University has requirements/recommendations for student computers that will be brought to campus or used by online students. The document lists these as well as other frequently asked questions about computers at Asbury, the computer labs, discounts, and other software questions. 

Learn More: Student Computers at Asbury

Chapel iAttended App

Your chapel attendance is tracked through the iAttended app available from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. After you install the app, log in using your Asbury email. You will be asked to verify your email through a link sent in your Asbury email. If you don't see a link in your inbox, check your spam or junk folder.

Once signed in, click Enter Code the bottom of the screen and enter 4TN2 to load upcoming chapels and events that can count towards your attendance. 

To record your attendance at an event, simply scan the QR code or enter the code available at event kiosks.

Your Eagle ID

You will receive your Eagle ID your first week on campus here at Asbury. Your ID card allows you to access your dorm, swipe for meals at the Dining Hall or Bistro, and more!

Alongside your physical Asbury Eagle ID card, you can now access your door and meal swipes using your phone or smart watch! Use the instructions below to add your Mobile Eagle ID to your smartphone.

Mobile Eagle ID Setup for iPhone and Apple Watch

Mobile Eagle ID Setup for Android

Graduate Student Information

Each program has developed a document specifically for their Graduate Students. Use the links below to access your information. If you don't see yours, contact your admissions counselor.

Getting Started in Graduate Education at Asbury!

Getting Started in Graduate Communications at Asbury!

Getting Started in the Dayton School of Business Graduate Program!

Contact Information


Admissions Questions

Your Admissions Counselor admissions@asbury.edu x2502

Course Planning & Advising

Your Course Advisor

(Listed in your student portal)


Technical/Network Account Issues

Student Portal issues

Discovery Issues

Service Desk itservices@asbury.edu






Commencement Information

Withdrawal from the University

Registrar's Office







Financial Aid Information

Financial Aid financial.aid@asbury.edu x2195

Payment Plans

Account Charges

Student Accounts student.accounts@asbury.edu x2330

Contact us:

  • Call 859-858-5177 or campus extension 2177
  • Click to visit us online at http://www.asbury.edu/its
  • Or Visit us in the Kinlaw Library, room 131

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