How to Access Your Asbury Decision Letter

Modified on: Mon, 2022, Nov 21 3:57 PM


You can access your Asbury decision letter through If you have questions or issues accessing your letter, contact your admissions counselor. 


1. Go to the Slate portal at

2. Log in with the email address and password 
that was used to apply to Asbury University.

a. Do not try to log in with your new Asbury email address – it will not work!

3. If the email address and/or password do not work:

a. Click the “Forgot password” link and enter the following information:

    i. The Email address used on your student application to Asbury

    ii. Your Birthdate

b. An email will be sent to that email address with instructions for resetting your password.

4. If you (the student) do not remember which email address you used for your application, you will need to talk to Admissions (859-858-5000) to verify the email address that is in our system (Slate). After this you may once again attempt to us the “Forgot password”  link to generate a reset email.

Contact us:

  • Call 859-858-5177 or campus extension 2177
  • Click to visit us online at
  • Or Visit us in the Kinlaw Library, room 131

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