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Answers the questions:

  • What kind of computer should I buy?
  • Do I need a computer as a student?
  • What operating systems are supported by Asbury?
  • What on campus technology do I have access to?
  • What software can I download as a student?


This document will walk through the requirements and recommendations for computers that students will bring to campus or use to complete their work (online students). This document will also list the software available to students in the computer labs on campus and additional offerings of the University. 

Questions and Answers about Computers at Asbury


Are students required to bring their own computers to campus? Do they need their own computers?

Students are not required to bring their own computer to campus. The need varies by department and the area of study chosen by the student. Most departments neither require nor expect students to have their own computer. When a computer is required to complete class assignments, the computer labs on campus are readily available with all necessary software, printers and scanners. For more information about specific requirements for each area of study, contact the chair of the department.

What are the minimum requirements/recommendations for student computers?



Apple macOS

Operating System

Windows 10 or above.

macOS 11 (Big Sur) or above.


8 GB or more

8 GB or more

Hard Drive
256 GB or more; Solid State Preferred
256 GB or more; Solid State Preferred
*For the latest version of each browser check

Firefox 64 or higher
Chrome 71 or higher
Microsoft Edge 17 or higher
Opera 55 or higher

Firefox 64 or higher
Chrome 71 or higher
Safari 12 or higher

Internet Access 
(for commuters and online students)
DSL, cable, educational, or corporate connection. A wired internet connection is required. Wireless hotspot access is not adequate for this program.
Please note, many school systems and businesses may block connections to certain Asbury services. 

What operating systems are supported on campus?

macOS 11 and above, and Windows 10 and above.

Though troubleshooting support is not provided for Linux, it is compatible with the campus network. Students who choose to use Linux are responsible for configuring their own systems.

What computer resources (labs, printers, scanners) are available on campus?

The University provides a network port for each student in a residence hall room, along with connections in many classrooms and throughout the Kinlaw Library. In addition to network ports being available throughout campus, wireless internet is also available in most classroom spaces, and in all undergraduate on-campus housing. Eight general-purpose computer labs are available to students, though most students elect to have their own computer. If students bring their own computer, Information Technology Services will provide them with directions for connecting to the network. Internet access and individual email accounts are available to all students. Students of Asbury University can receive discounts on new computers from Dell and Apple.

What software is installed on campus computer labs?

Each campus computer lab is updated, or "refreshed" on a yearly basis with the required software as requested by the Faculty. For information about what software is currently installed in our computer labs, please visit our Instructional Lab Academic Software Page.

Does Asbury University provide any free software to students?

Asbury University provides free antivirus software to all currently enrolled students and all current employees. You can find a copy of Microsoft Security Essentials and instructions for installing it at the link below. Any student, staff, or faculty member who needs additional help installing this software can contact the Service Desk.

Microsoft Security Essentials

Asbury University also provides a free license of Microsoft 365 to current students, faculty and staff for their computers. 

How to Download and Install Office 365

Does Asbury University offer any discounts on software or operating systems for students?

Asbury University does offer free access to the Microsoft 365. See the section above for instructions on how to download the software for current students, faculty, and staff. 

If you wish to own a copy of the Microsoft License that will not expire upon graduation or departure from the university, you can purchase a copy through the bookstore. Asbury University provides a huge discount on the latest versions of Microsoft Office Suite (for both Mac & PC) to currently enrolled students. To obtain a copy of Microsoft Office, students must purchase the CD/DVD bundle from Asbury's bookstore (the Eagle Outlet). Students must present a valid Asbury University ID to make the purchase. Online Students may order the Microsoft Office Suite for either Mac or PC by calling the bookstore through the Main Campus Switchboard (859-858-3511).

At this time, Asbury University does not sell or give discounts on any operating systems, or other software products.

Contact us:

  • Call 859-858-5177 or campus extension 2177
  • Click to visit us online at
  • Or Visit us in the Kinlaw Library, room 131

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