Welcome to graduate school and Asbury University’s Howard and Beverly Dayton School of Business (DSB)! We are here to support you as you pursue your educational and professional goals and want you to succeed. The first step on your pathway success is to read through the information provided in this resource page and view the related links. This information will guide you through your next steps as you prepare for your first semester. If you have any questions, please contact our MBA Director, Cindy Dean. Blessings as you begin your MBA program at Asbury University.

Here are the topics we will cover (you may click on any of these topics to go directly to that section).

The Graduate Business Team

Dr. Mike Kane, Dean and MBA Curriculum Coordinator

Cindy Dean, MBA Director

Dr. George Allen, Professor of Marketing

Alesha Graves, Professor of Accounting

Dr. Paul Hamilton, Professor of Analytics and Economics

Mike Ross, Professor of Marketing

Emily Walsh, Professor of Accounting

Dr.  Mike Yoder, Professor of Human Resource and Organizational Management


What You Need to Know to Get Started

How to Access Your Asbury Email

Every student at Asbury University receives a unique email address to communicate with professors, staff, and other students and to stay informed about campus activities. Once you begin your first semester at Asbury, all University correspondence will only be sent to your Asbury email. For this reason, it is imperative that you check your Asbury email daily, even if you aren’t enrolled in a course. Additionally, support offices (Registrar, Financial Aid, and Student Accounts) will only contact you through your Asbury email.

Your Asbury email account is an Outlook Exchange account and can be added to Microsoft Outlook on your computer, to your phone, or you can access your O365 account online. To access online, type
office.asbury.edu into the URL bar of your browser and sign in with your Asbury email address and password.

Your email address is
: firstname.lastname@asbury.edu

Your password is the first four letters of your last name and your 5-digit zip code. If your last name is shorter than four letters, your password is your entire last name plus as many letters as necessary from the start of your first name to total four characters, and then your 5-digit zip code.

For Example:

User Name: John.Smith@asbury.edu

Password: smit12345

For Example with a Short Last Name:

User Name: William.Doe@asbury.edu

Password: wdoe12345

For more details about how to use your Asbury email:

How to add your Asbury email account to your smart phone:

How to add your Asbury email account to Microsoft Outlook on your personal computer:


How to Reset your Asbury Password:

You can reset your Asbury password or unlock your account at anytime by logging into
password.asbury.edu. Before you can change your password or unlock your account, you must setup your password.asbury.edu account. You will not be able to change your password (in the case of a forgotten password) if you have not already set up your password.asbury.edu account. Changing the password here will change it for all Asbury sites: Discovery, your Student Portal, etc.


Accessing Your Student Portal

Through your Student Portal you can register for classes, complete your financial registration, see your student bill, view your unofficial transcript, update your emergency contact and more. In addition, it displays your classification, advisor and the program you are currently enrolled in. Please see the section on Registering for Classes for more information on class registration.


Registering for Classes

Once you have received your Asbury email, you will be ready to register for your first semester. Students register online through 
your Student Portal.

Students should register for ALL courses that they intend to enroll in for the semester, including classes that start in the second half of the semester. Please refer to your projected course schedule provided by the graduate studies coordinator to ensure you enroll for the correct classes.  If you have any questions regarding course registration, please contact the MBA Graduate Coordinator at (859) 858-3511, ext 2214 or cindy.dean@asbury.edu.

Please note
:  Most of the online courses run only 8 weeks at a time.  Please be sure to pay attention to the dates of the class when registering.  You must register for all classes prior to the beginning of the semester.


Completing the Financial Aid Process

Federal aid may be available to eligible students taking five or more credit hours each semester. 

Submit your FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid)

To receive financial aid determination at Asbury University, students must complete the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) for each academic year.

  • It is available January 1 and should be submitted as soon as possible for optimum consideration.
  • The Asbury University School Code is 001952
  •  FAFSA Website: http://www.fafsa.ed.gov/

Graduate Aid Application

All Graduate students wishing to be considered for federal financial aid must complete a Graduate Aid Application annually. The GAA form will automatically be added as a checklist item in your application portal if you indicated that you will be using financial aid on your application. You can fill this out within your application portal, and it will automatically be submitted to the financial aid office for you. This form, along with the FAFSA, will enable us to determine your financial aid eligibility.


Note: If you did not indicate on your application that you plan on filing the FAFSA, please contact the financial aid office (financial.aid@asbury.edu).


Ordering Your Textbooks

Students may order their textbooks online through the Asbury University Student Bookstore or by using your Student Portal. When ordering textbooks online through either of these avenues, students may pay for textbooks using a Student Voucher. Selecting the Student Voucher payment method will place textbook charges on your student account at the University. This will allow you to pay for the textbooks at a later date or use loans/grants/scholarships to pay for the textbooks. Students may also pay for textbooks with a credit card. 

Note: Vouchers may only be used 3 weeks prior to classes starting, and two weeks
after they begin. It is best to order all textbooks prior to the start of the semester.

If you wish, you may purchase your textbooks outside of Asbury University. Please note, when purchasing textbooks and materials outside of the institution, make sure that you are securing the correct required textbook editions and materials. The best ways to ensure that you are securing the correct textbooks and materials is to access textbook information through the Asbury University Online Bookstore at http://bookstore.asbury.edu and to use the book’s ISBN number when searching for a textbook online.


Navigating Discovery

Discovery is the service powered by D2L Brightspace that Asbury uses for online class management. Students taking online classes will find all of their course content, assignments, syllabi, etc. on Discovery. Professors use Discovery to upload their syllabi and provide a place for online submission of assignments. As a student at Asbury, you will want to frequently check
Discovery to stay up-to-date on your classes.

All online courses will use Zoom for virtual class sessions. Please see the link below for more information on using Zoom for your classes.


YouSeeU Virtual Classroom

YouSeeU is the online virtual classroom where your weekly class sessions will be held. You can access your virtual classroom in Discovery by clicking on your course, and then selecting “Activities” and then “Virtual Classroom”.


Technology Requirements


Asbury University has requirements/recommendations for student computers that will be brought to campus or used by online students. The document lists these as well as other frequently asked questions about computers at Asbury, the computer labs, discounts, and other software questions.


Creating Your BioSig Identity


According to federal requirements, all educational institutions are charged with "verifying the identity of a student who participates in and completes the course or program." Given this requirement, all Asbury University students must verify their identity prior to beginning any online coursework. Students will authenticate through the creation and use of a biometric signature (BioSig-ID).


Contact Information

- Course Plans
- Change in Course Plans
- Class Registration
- Admissions
- Student Care/Concerns
- Graduation
- General Questions
Cindy Dean cindy.dean@asbury.edu x2214
- Curriculum Questions
Dr. Mike Kane mike.kane@asbury.edu x2367
- Technical/Network Account Issues
- Discovery Issues
- Student Portal Issues
Service Desk itservices@asbury.edu x2177
- Commencement Information
- Withdrawal from University
Registrar's Office
- Financial Aid Information
- Questions about Student Loans
Financial Aid
financial.aid@asbury.edu or
- Payment Plans
- Account Charges
Student Accounts student.accounts@asbury.edu x2330