To send and receive your email in Outlook, you will first need to add your email account to Outlook. This document will walk through how to add your email to Outlook on Mac.

Adding to Add Your Email to Outlook


Many email accounts, including Microsoft Exchange accounts, Outlook.com, Hotmail.com, and Live.com accounts, Office 365 accounts, and other POP and IMAP accounts can be added using Outlook's automatic setup option.  If Outlook does not prompt you to walk through the automatic setup, you can use these instructions to add your first account or additional accounts.

1. Open Outlook to begin the process. 

2. Type your email address > Continue.

3. Type your password > Add Account. (Your screen might look different from this one depending on the account you're adding.)

a. If it asks for a server, enter: outlook.office365.com and if it requires a domain, enter asbury.edu.

b. If adding a Gmail, Yahoo, or other IMAP or POP account, you might be taken to those sites and asked to allow Outlook to access your mail, contacts, and calendars. Click Allow to continue.

4. Select Done to start using Outlook 2016 for Mac.

5. If you have any issues with the set up, try setting up the account manually. Open Outlook and go to Outlook > Preferences.

6. In Preferences, select "Accounts" under the Personal Settings section.

7. Now you will have the option to add an account. Click add "Exchange Account".

8. Type in your Asbury email address in the first field.

a. For your username you can enter your Asbury email address again or type in "asbury,edu\firstname.lastname"

b. Type in your Asbury password in the password field.

c. Uncheck the "Configure Automatically" check box and then fill in the server field.

i. The server must be: outlook.office365.com

9. Now click "Add Account" and wait for Outlook to finish the setup.  

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