If you have enrolled your account for the password reset service then you can click the "forgot password" option under the login screen when signing into any Asbury service. This article will walk through those steps to get you back into your account. If you have not previous enrolled your security questions, secondary email, and phone number for password reset, please see this article on enrolling. 

Enroll your Asbury Account for Password Reset

Here is a video on how to Reset your password or unlock your account or continue below for written instructions.



1. Click on "Forgot Password" at the bottom of the login page (same page for Discovery, Portal, Email, etc.)

2. You will be asked for your user ID (your Asbury email address) and to enter a CAPTCHA code.

3. Select "I Forgot My Password" from the two options. The other option allows you to unlock your account if it is locked but you still know your password. 

4. Now select a method to verify from the options. 

5. Next you will be asked for a second verification method. 

6. After successfully verifying by two methods, you will now be prompted to reset your password.

Here are the password requirements at Asbury:

  • Passwords must be twelve characters or more in length and have 3 of the following categories:
    • Numbers, Uppercase Letters, Lowercase Letters, & Symbols.
  • You will be prompted to reset your Asbury password every twelve months. 
  • If you enter an incorrect password three times, your account will be automatically locked. To unlock your account you can do so through Office 365, or call the Service Desk, or wait 1 hour for your account to unlock automatically. 
  • Please remember, when you change your password for the network/email, it will automatically change your password for Discovery and Portal - all the credentials are linked.

7. You will receive a success message when the password has been reset. 

8. Return to the service you want to log into and enter your username and new password. 

Contact us:

  • Call 859-858-5177 or campus extension 2177
  • Click to visit us online at http://www.asbury.edu/its  
  • Or Visit us in the Kinlaw Library, room 131