Zoom (Asbury Live)

Documentation on how to access and use Zoom, Asbury's virtual classroom tool.

Asbury Live (Zoom) for Students
Overview All online classes at Asbury University are taught through Zoom which can be accessed by all students through Discovery. This document will c...
Mon, 2022, Nov 21 11:29 AM
Asbury Live (Zoom) Classroom Best Practices
Overview This document will walk through the best practices for students in an online class that utilizes the virtual classroom feature. To participate in...
Mon, 2022, Nov 21 11:29 AM
How to Activate your Staff or Faculty Zoom Account
Applies to: Faculty, Staff Revised: 2021-10-15 Status: Approved Answers the questions: How do I use Zoom for the first time? How do I activate my Zo...
Mon, 2022, Nov 21 11:28 AM
Zoom Learning Center
Fri, 2022, Jan 7 9:11 AM
Login and Schedule Zoom Sessions through Discovery | Faculty
Overview   Zoom is Asbury's tool to conduct synchronous class sessions for online students. These sessions can also be recorded and so that student...
Fri, 2021, Oct 15 10:33 AM
Zoom Basic Navigation and Features | Faculty & Staff
Overview   This document will cover the basic navigation in a Zoom session. As an instructor, you will have more options than the student participants....
Fri, 2021, Oct 15 10:34 AM
Configure your Zoom Account and Schedule a Meeting Online | Faculty & Staff
Overview   Zoom is a tool used by Asbury University Faculty and Staff to schedule meetings and teach online classes. If you would like to learn how to s...
Fri, 2021, Oct 15 10:34 AM
Customize a Personal Zoom Link / Meeting ID
Overview All Asbury faculty and staff who have registered their account through asburyu.zoom.us have what Zoom calls a “Personal Meeting ID.” The Pers...
Fri, 2021, Oct 15 10:35 AM
How to Download and Save Old Zoom Recordings
Overview Asbury University partners with Zoom to bring synchronous sessions to the faculty, staff, and students. In addition to live meetings, sessions ca...
Fri, 2021, Oct 15 10:35 AM
Stop Users from Bypassing the Waiting Room in Zoom
Overview By default, Zoom will allow users who are in your same domain, (Zoom accounts using @asbury.edu accounts) to automatically log into your Zoom...
Fri, 2021, Feb 19 3:52 PM