Asbury Live (Zoom) Classroom Best Practices

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This document will walk through the best practices for students in an online class that utilizes the virtual classroom feature. To participate in a virtual class session, you must use Chrome or Firefox when logging into Discovery.

For more information on the technology requirements for online students view our FAQ:

FAQ About Computers at Asbury

Best Practices

Student Expected Behavior and Courtesy in Virtual Classroom Sessions 

Synchronous sessions enable students and instructors to interact and collaborate in a live, virtual classroom environment. These interactions encourage meaningful connections and opportunities to share in a cyber learning community. When you participate in these sessions it is important to be conscientious and courteous in your interactions with classmates and instructor. Additionally, please be mindful of your surroundings and your personal appearance. Student engagement in the synchronous learning environment should reflect the same high level of professionalism that is expected in the workplace and the respect and integrity that is characteristic of the community at Asbury University. Please read the tips below to help ensure a positive learning experience for you and your classmates:

  • Arrive to your online meeting session on time. That means logging in a few minutes early so that you will not interrupt a meeting that is in progress.
    Please note: if you enter a 7pm class at 6:58 and the professor has not yet arrived, you will need close the meeting and re-enter to join the current session. At this time, refreshing the page will not resolve the issue.

  • Mute your microphone when you are not talking.

  • Turn your camera on when you are speaking, and then turn it back off when you are through. Too many simultaneous cameras running may cause the online meeting to crash.

  • It's okay to ask someone to repeat his or her question or statement. The Internet connections are not perfect; your participants will understand.

  • Find a quiet location for your online meeting. Ambient/surrounding background sounds that are not obvious to you are very noisy and distracting to your participants.

The bottom-line comes down to community and fairness to all learners. Students are expected to be a part of a learning community where they do all they can to contribute to the learning of others.

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