Installing Power BI

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Answers the questions:

  • How do I use Power BI?
  • How do I install Power BI?
  • Where can I find training on Power BI?
  • Can I access Power BI online?


Power BI can be used to create and view visualizations and analytic dashboards for a wide variety of data types to empower your team through data. This document describes how to download Power BI and what different licenses can do.

For training on how to use Power BI, visit Microsoft's Power BI Learning Center.

Downloading Power BI

  1. Visit
  2. Select English as the language if this is not already selected.
  3. Click the red Download button.
  4. You will be given the option to download two files. Select the file that titled PBIDesktopSetup_x64.exe unless otherwise instructed by the Service Desk.
  5. Click Next in the bottom right of the window.
  6. Save the file to your computer.
  7. Once the file is downloaded, run the installer and Power BI will install on your computer.
  8. If you are prompted to log in, please use your Asbury email address and AU password.

Accessing Power BI Online

Some Power BI features are available through the web at From here, you can view and create simple reports without downloading the full desktop version. This is the recommended version for macOS users.

Power BI Licensing

With a free power BI license, you can view visualizations created by team and that have been shared with you.

If you require the ability to create visualizations and dashboards, you will need a licensed copy of Power BI Pro. If you or your team needs access to Power BI Pro, please contact the Service Desk.

Contact us:

  • Call 859-858-5177 or campus extension 2177
  • Click to visit us online at
  • Or Visit us in the Kinlaw Library, room 131

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