Granting Shared Portal Access to Designated Persons

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As a student, you may grant a parent, guardian, or anyone else you designate access to read-only information regarding your Asbury account. This can be done through the "Shared Portal Access" form in your student Portal.


1. Login to their student portal at

2. On the home page, under the "More" section, click the Shared Portal Access link.

3. Next, designate with whom you would like to share your information with and select what portal information you would like to share.

4. Click Submit. An email will be sent to the designated person with instructions for accessing the shared portal. If you'd like to grant access to additional people, you may fill out the form again by clicking "New Shared Portal Access"

5. If you'd like to revoke access, click the "View/Update" button on the person, deselect any areas you'd like to revoke access to and click update.

FERPA Consent for the Shared Portal


Student records at Asbury University are governed by the Family Educational Rights & Privacy Act (FERPA) and its implementing regulations. A student must authorize the University to release non-directory information to any third party, whether over the phone, in person, or electronically.

Asbury University's Shared Portal is an online, read-only means for guests to view certain components of your student record after you have granted them permission. Students may revoke such access at any time.

Granting permission to view aspects of your student record through the Shared Portal does not permit guests to contact a University representative to discuss the items contained in your student record. A FERPA consent form for the appropriate office is required to be completed by you before a University representative will engage in such conversations with anyone other than the student; these FERPA consent forms are available to students for the offices of Financial Aid and Student Accounts. 

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