How to Activate your Staff or Faculty Zoom Account

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Applies to: Faculty, Staff
Revised: 2021-10-15
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Answers the questions:

  • How do I use Zoom for the first time?
  • How do I activate my Zoom account?


Before using Zoom for your classes as staff or faculty member, you must activate your Asbury Zoom account. Below are the steps you must complete to activate your account. Once activated, you can login to Zoom through Discovery.

  1. Open in a web browser
  2. Click Sign in to configure your account. Your Zoom account is linked to your Asbury account, so there's no need to setup a new password!
  3. Follow Zoom's step-by-step configuration steps.
  4. After registering your email address, you can proceed to use Zoom through the web interface, Desktop app, and through Discovery!
  5. To login to the Desktop app, enter your Asbury email and password at the sign-in screen. If you encounter an error, attempt to use the SSO option instead. You will be asked for your organization's domain before being redirected to sign in with your aAbury account. Asbury's zoom domain is

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