Your Asbury University Network Account

This guide will walk you through the very basic information you will need to know about working with technology here on campus. Technology on campus is managed by Information Technology Services (ITS). Our goal is to help, educate, and support you from start to finish.

 Is This Your First Time Logging In?

  •  If you have not previously logged into your Asbury University Account, please let us know either when you are going through Network Orientation during Welcome Week or contact the Service Desk anytime by email at or by phone at 1-859-858-5177.

 Keeping Your Account Secure

  • ITS will never ask you to provide your username and password. 
  • We ask that you never share your username or password with anyone on or off campus. 
  • We provide a tool to manage your password and to unlock your account 24x7.  We will walk you through registering for this service during your Welcome Week Network Orientation.  This tool can be found at
  • If you enter a wrong password 3 times, your account will be automatically locked for up to an hour.  This is to prevent someone from trying to hack into your account.  You can unlock your account by visiting
  • New passwords must be 8 characters or more in length and have three of the four following categories: Numbers, Capital Letters, Lowercase Letters, and Symbols.
    • ITS recommends using a ‘passphrase.’ Use a Bible verse, song lyric, or a poem line, etc. The longer a password is, the stronger it is!

Connecting to the Campus Network

  • Wireless and Wired connections are provided in all campus residence halls and in most academic spaces across campus. 
  • The residence hall wireless network is AU Student. For wireless access in academic spaces, the wireless name is AU Wireless. You can connect to both networks using the password GoEagles.

Registering Devices through 

  • To avoid constantly signing into the login page, you may register your technology at Simply follow the prompts and enter the requested information.  Within five minutes of submitting the form, you should receive an email notifying you that your device(s) have been registered.  For assistance with this process, please contact the Service Desk or visit  for written instructions.

Safeguards for Campus 

  • Our campus Internet filters web content inconsistent with Asbury’s Community Standards, including pornography and most malicious content.
  • All members of our community are required to log into the network with their Asbury University Account to access the internet. A login page should automatically pop up after you have connected to either AU Student or AU Wireless.  This site can also be manually accessed by visiting  

OneDrive for Students

  • Your Asbury University Account comes with 1 TB of storage space online using Microsoft OneDrive. 
  • Access OneDrive by logging into your email account at and selecting OneDrive from the application list.
  • Use your OneDrive space to store class projects, assignment materials, and notes.

Asbury Student Resources

Your Student Portal  

  • The portal is where you can add or drop classes, view current and past class schedules, review midterm/final course grades, update emergency contact information, access your student bill, and review financial aid information.


  • Your professors may use Discovery to distribute syllabi, course materials, assignments, and quizzes online. Your classes will display on the home page and you can click on a course to see more details. When in a course, click on the “Content” option to see assignments.
  • All online courses will use Zoom for virtual class sessions. For more information on accessing and using Zoom, see this solution!

 BioSig ID for Discovery 

  • If you have an online class, you will be required to create a BioSig ID. This digital ID will be used to verify that you are the person accessing certain courses, quizzes, etc.
  • To create a BioSig ID you can call the Service Desk at 1-859-858-5177 (or campus extension 2177) and asked to be enrolled for BioSig. You will verify your information over the phone with an IT staff member, and be added to the “Student Authentication” course. This course will be automatically added to your Discovery Homepage. Log into Discovery and open the new course. Follow the instructions listed to set up your ID.

Computer Lab & Print Accounts 

  • There are 30+ computers throughout the Kinlaw Library for you to use any time the Library is open.
  • Students are given a $40 print balance at the beginning of each semester to use in the Library and Campus Computer Labs.  This is non-refundable and refreshes each semester.

We are here to help you!

Find a Solution 24x7 


Replace your ID Card, Get Computer Help, and More!

  • Replacement ID Cards are $11 at the Service Desk.
  • We provide software and operating system help to all Asbury Students at no cost!  If we cannot fix it, we will help direct you to your manufacturer for devices under warranty or to another 3rd party you can pay for repairs.
  • Having problems with your email account? Need to get it set up on your phone? Stop by the Service Desk in the lower level of Kinlaw Library.

Free Anti-Virus for Students

Free Download of Microsoft Office Products 

  • On your personal computer, open a browser and log in to your Asbury University Account through
    • Click on the “Office 365” tab in the top left corner then select “Install Office Apps” on the right.
    • From the options provided, select “Office 2016,” then click “save” when you are prompted.
    • When the download is complete, open Word and sign in with your Asbury credentials.
    • This version of Microsoft Office is valid as long as you are a student at Asbury.

 Buying a New Computer?