How to Upload Files to OneDrive

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Answers the questions:

  • How do I use OneDrive?
  • How do I upload a file to OneDrive?
  • Can I upload folders to OneDrive?
  • How do I save a file directly to OneDrive?


All current Asbury University students, faculty, and staff have access to 1TB of storage space in OneDrive. You can utilize this space to securely store school and work documents as well as collaborate with classmates and co-workers on projects. 

This document will walk through the basics of two ways to upload your files to OneDrive. Please note, you may need to install the OneDrive for Business application on your computer before you can save files directly from your computer to OneDrive.

How to set up OneDrive for Business

How To Upload Files and Folders to OneDrive
1. Visit to and sign in with your Asbury username and password.

2. In the upper left hand corner of the screen there is a square waffle menu button. Click on this menu icon to open a drop down menu of Microsoft 365 apps.

3. Select OneDrive from the list of apps in the menu to open OneDrive.

4. Once you have entered OneDrive you can choose to upload files or folders from our computer. You can also create new documents that will be added directly to OneDrive.

5. Any files or folders that you create or upload in OneDrive can be shared with others using the share button. TO learn more about sharing files in OneDrive, read our solution article How to Share and Collaborate on Documents in OneDrive.

6. From the sidebar, you can also view recent files, files that have been shared with you, and your recycle bin if you need to restore deleted files.


Upload Files to OneDrive from Office 365

You can also access and upload files to OneDrive directly through any Office 365 app.

1. First, be sure that you have Office 365 installed on your computer. If you do not, follow our solution article  How to Download and Install Microsoft Office 365.

2. Open any Word document, Excel spread sheet, PowerPoint, or other file in Microsoft Office and click on the File button.

3. Next, select Save As from the menu options.

4. One of the locations listed should be OneDrive – Asbury University. If you do not see this oiption, be sure that you are signed in to your Asbury account in Microsoft Office.

5. Click on the OneDrive – Asbury University option. A new area will open up for you to name your document, choose a location within your OneDrive and save it.

6. Name your document and click Save. Your file is now saved to OneDrive.

Please note: The file you saved through OneDrive will appear online through OneDrive and can also be accessed locally on your computer through the OneDrive for Business app, but the files will NOT be saved in your regular documents folder.

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