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This document explains how to authenticate on Asbury's Wireless Network using can be used to connect laptops, phones, tablets, etc., but can also be used to authenticate devices on Asbury's Wireless Network such as gaming systems and smart speakers that lack an Internet Browser. If you use Connect, as long as a registered device regularly connects to Asbury's Wireless Network, you will not have to continually log-in.

Registering Your Device with

1) If this is your first time logging in on the device, navigate to the WiFi settings, choose AU Student, and enter the password GoEagles. Your device is now connected to our local network, but will be unable to connect to most services until registered. Once connected, your device will be granted an IP address on the network that will be used later in the process. 

2) Once the device is connected and authenticated to Asbury's Wireless Network, open a browser and go to

Please note: you can register your Xbox, Playstation, ChromeCast, etc. by loading the page in a web browser on a second device and entering the device information there.

3) Enter the IP address of the device you want to register, the type of device being registered, and your Asbury email address and asbury account password.

  • Note: The IP address of the device may auto-populate in the "IP Address" field on some devices
  • If you cannot find the IP address of your device, see the article  "Finding Your Device's IP Address" for your device's specific instructions. 
  • Alternatively, you can also contact the Service Desk with your MAC hardware address using our service item "IP address Lookup" and we will provide you with an IP address to register your device. You can learn how to find the MAC address on common devices using our solution "Finding the Mac Address on Devices".

4) Click "Register" to confirm. Please wait up to five minutes for the request to be fully processed. You will receive a confirmation email when your device is registered.

Contact us:

  • Call 859-858-5177 or campus extension 2177
  • Click to visit us online at
  • Or Visit us in the Kinlaw Library, room 131

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